Request for Proposals

17-RFP-004 Mental Health

17-RFP-005 Nutrition Consultant

17-RFP-006 Dairy Products

17-RFP-007 HS Preschool Child Development Associates (CDA) Parent Staff …

17-RFP-008 School Readiness Training Consultant

17-RFP-009 Head Start Teacher CLASS Mentor Training Consultant

17-RFP-010 HS Education TTA Consultant

17-RFP-011 EHS Infant Toddler Teacher Mentor Training Consultant

17-RFP-012 Early Head Start Infant Toddler TTA

17-RFP-013 EHS Infant Toddler Child Development CDA

17-RFP-014 Classroom Furniture

17-RFP-015 Classroom Equipment Small Playground and Materials

17-RFP-016 Classroom Consumables and Supplies

17-RFP-017 Playground Structures

17-RFP-018 Bottled Drinking Water water Cooler Rental Corrected

17-RFP-020 Fire Extinguisher Service Maintenance

17-RFP-021 Pest Control

17-RFP-022 Sensitivity & Fire Alarm Testing Maintenance

17-RFP-023 Playground Mulch

17-RFP-024 Fire Alarm Monitoring

17-RFP-025 Carpet AC duct Kitchen Hood and Grease trap cleaning

17-RFP-026 Playground Canopies

17-RFP-027 InkToner Supplies

17-RFP-028 Telephone Network Wiring

17-RFP-029 Telephone System Support